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This Fake Car Insurance Card, Phoney Car Insurance, Fake Vehicle Insurance Card looks like the real thing and includes a unique stamped number and barcode! Just check it out for yourself.


Who needs the fake insurance card?

The fake car insurance card is evidence of motor vehicle insurance, which must be always carried in the insured vehicle by its holder and owner. Remember that the fake car insurance card is for entertainment purposes only even though it looks authentic .


What is the purpose of the fake proof of insurance?

The Insurance Card serves as proof of insurance that the motor vehicle owner has met the requirements for the insurance that provides financial protection in the event of the vehicle being damaged or injuries becoming incurred by other drivers, passengers or road users.

How to fill out the Insurance ID card?

The insurance provider fills the Insurance ID card. The card must bear the following information:
· The state where the insurance is issued;
· The insurance company name;
· Number of the insurance policy;
· The insurance effective and expiration dates;
· The vehicle identification details (year, make, vehicle ID number);
· The name of the insurance holder.


The fake auto insurance card is 100% customizable. We are giving you a standard template which can be adjusted with your information, including proper names, and insurance info.

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