After completing the payment process. You will receive an email confirming your payment and a link to the download page. You will have instant access to your purchase. The download link, when clicked, prompts you with a download popup box asking to "Save or "Open" the file. We recommend that you save your download to your computer as your download link will only remain active for 30 days and/or 10 downloads (whichever comes first) E-mail spam blockers are very common now and can place valid emails in a "spam" folder.

One necessary program you will need is a piece of software which can unzip files! All of the fake Novelty Excuses are contained in a compressed folder (a .zip file or .rar file). Make sure you have WinZip, WinRAR or another unzipping program installed or consider a Freeware program as there are many to choose from.

After you have unzipped the folder and saved the files to your computer. You are ready to open them using your PDF editing programs (More information on editing programs can be found in our (FAQ) section)

Editing Instructions: Open the "Read Me" file found with your download. It provides detailed information on how to open and edit the forms.


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