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Fake Allergy & Immunology Form

This Fake Allergy Letter has a professional appearance and a superior logo added to it. Ideal for seasonal allergies, asthma and other breathing problems.



Fake Orthopedic letter, fake printable doctors excuses, sick notes, work excuse, fake insurance cards

Fake Orthopedic (Bones & Joints) Form

This Fake Orthopedic Letter is incredibly unique in its design. It appears as something that could never be made at home. Contains a professional logo, including a watermark and a stamp.


Fake Cardiology (Heart) letter, fake medical certificate, school excuse, doctor's excuse, fake doctor note

Fake Cardiologist Doctor Note

This Fake Cardiologist Note works best for chest pains and other heart related non-visual ailments. It has an exceptional logo and a superb page layout that makes it look very professional and not "homemade".


Fake Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine letter, doctor's excuses, fake doctors letter, fake jury duty form

Fake Mental Health Care Letter

Nothing works better than mental health issues for missing work or school. These issues are not visible ailments, and create great emotional sympathetic responses from the recipients. This Fake Mental Health Care Letter is a must!


Fake Chiropractic letter, printable doctors excuses, doctor excuses, doctors excuses

Chiropractor Fake Doctor Note

This Fake Chiropractic Letter has a super-legitimate looking logo and watermark. It contains checkboxes for specific ailments, along with a field where additional restrictions can be listed.


Fake Pain Control Form, fake doctors notes, fake doctors sick note, excuse letter

Fake Pain Control Form

This is a Fake "medical excuse" letter from a pain clinic. Has a professional appearance and a medical logo in the corner, along with other unique design elements.


Fake Dermatology (Skin) letter

Fake Dermatologist Note

This Fake Dermatology Note contains a professional, modern-looking logo that exudes realism and legitimacy. Use for private skin related issues. Contains several checkboxes for dermatological restrictions/issues.


Fake Pediatrics

Fake Pediatrics (Infants & Children) Form

If you have children, this is the note for you. This Fake Pediatrics Letter can be used to excuse a parent from a child's doctor appointment or any other reason you require.


Fake Family Practice letter

Fake Family Practice Letter

This Fake Family Practice Letter can easily be edited to serve various purposes. Simply fill in the medical restrictions/return date and the time that you need off (or the time you've already taken off).


Fake Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation letter

Fake Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Form

Need a note limiting physical restrictions? This Fake Medical Note works perfect for listing any type of restrictions you need. It's professional in appearance and comes with a watermarked logo.

Fake Gastroenterology

Fake Gastro (Stomach & Intestines) Form

This fake Gastro Note is a letter based doctor's note. Contains a detailed, contemporary letterhead and footer and some brief body-text that explains that an individual has been seen, along with their restrictions.


Fake Podiatry (Foot) Form

Fake Podiatrist (Foot Doctor) Note

A rather basic Fake Doctors Note from a podiatrist. Adorned with an amazing looking logo and watermark that makes it look crisp and professional.




Fake General Practice letter

Fake General Practice / "General" Clinic Letter

The Fake General Practice Letter is basic and simple -- allowing it to be used and customized for many types of family practice type clinics.


Fake Proctology

Fake Proctology (Colon & Rectal) Form

They say that after a certain age everyone should have their colon checked. This Fake Proctology Letter works great for the day or two needed to recover from such event.


Fake Geriatrics

Fake Oncology Letter (Cancer)

This Fake Cancer Oncology Letter gives no details about your condition, but is printed with the easily customizable name and information of a medical oncology and hematology (cancer) clinic. It will convince any viewer that your medical condition is extremely serious.


Fake Psychiatry letter

Fake Psychiatry Form

This amazing Fake Psychiatry Doctor's Excuse is for a family counselor/ psychologist visitation. One can utilize this sick note for anxiety and depression symptoms as well. It comes with a professional look, watermark and logo



Fake Gynecology Form

Fake Gynecologist Doctors Note

Due to its rather personal nature, this note works fantastic as it deals with a private issue -- meaning it won't get questioned. The Fake Gynecologist Note looks fantastic and contains unmatched design elements.


Fake Radiology

Fake Radiology (X-Ray) Form

This Fake Radiology Doctors Note provides a reliable excuse to rest after an accident or any other situation requiring either time off or limited duties.



Fake Internal Medicine

Fake Internal Medicine Form

Fake Internal Medicine covers so many different areas such as family practice, general surgery to a large array of medical services. This letter is a great all around letter to use.


Fake Surgery-General letter

Fake Surgery-General Letter

The authenticity of this Fake Surgery Letter is unparalleled, making it useful for just about any situation in which "medical complications" may occur.


Fake Naturopathic Medicine Form

Fake Naturopathic Medicine Form

The Fake Naturopathic Letter is a rather generic note allowing it to be used for many naturopathic medical reasons.


Fake Surgery-Neurological Form

Fake Dentist Note

Great for impacted teeth, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, cavities, etc. The Fake Dental Care Letter includes a great logo and double-watermark.


Fake Neurology

Neurology (Nervous System) Form

Are you having trouble paying attention as school or work? This Fake Neurology Letter is perfect for that situation as it comes with a professional watermark and logo.


Fake Surgery-Plastic & Reconstructive Form

Fake Surgery-Plastic & Reconstructive Letter

Due to its rather personal nature, this note works fantastic for your plastic surgery needs when a evaluation is needed.


Fake Obstetrics & Gynecology Form

Fake Obstetrics & Gynecology Form

This is a Fake Obstetrics letter that's perfect for pregnancy related issues. This note is incredibly unique in its design and comes with a watermark and logo.




Fake Urology Form

Fake Urologist Doctors Note

If you take frequent bathroom breaks , this note will work fantastic for you. Much like the Gynecologist note, it is a specialist note that deals with very personal issues, making it a note that will often be locked away and never looked at again.


Fake Occupational Medicine Form

Fake Occupational Medicine Form

This is a professional Fake Occupational Doctor Letter which works perfect for stating limitations you may require at work or school.


  Fake Ophthalmology(Eye)Form

Fake Ophthalmology (Eye) Letter

Great for eye exams, scratched corneas, pink eye, eye infections. This Fake Eye Doctor Note has a professional watermark and very modern, corporate looking logo.




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