Trying to deny a valid charge through your bank or credit card company is a fraudulent act and is illegal. is a hard working company, and we treat our customers very fairly and honestly. We understand that the vast majority of people are honest when it comes to financial transactions, so this information will not apply to you.

A charge back costs both the bank and our company monies while an investigation is opened.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase! If you have a problem let us help. We will respond to all our emails (especially if there are problems.)

Unfortunately, it has been our experience in the past that some people will TRY TO DISPUTE or DENY a valid charge. If those are your intentions, the following Dispute and Fraud Policy applies:

Copies of all documentation about the purchase will be sent to your bank and credit card company. This information will include the following information:

1) The original charge amount plus a $30 fee for dispute processing.

2) Our web site name of which you purchased from.

3) Your IP address from which you ordered.

4) Access logs detailing when you accessed the site in question and what ISP you used to do so.

5) The date, time and type of forms that were ordered which include examples of any files and/or pictures of any information you accessed from our site.

Again, if you have any concerns about your purchase, we encourage you to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.




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